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We’ll keep this short and sweet just like a mini session! If you aren’t sure what a mini session is, hop on over here to learn what the fuss is all about!

1. Mini’s are all about quality over quantity. We will use every minute of our time to grab the best photos. And in the end, you’ll have beautiful photos but without the struggle of having to choose from the larger gallery that comes with full sessions! One location means we get amazing photos quickly (and have lots of fun doing it, to boot!) and you’ll get your gallery quicker than ever!

2. It’s so quick and perfect for the littles with short attention spans (or honeys who don’t love having their photo taken). Let’s be real, being in front of the camera isn’t all that comfortable! You’re probably not a model, which is totally fine because it’s my job to make you feel like Tyra Banks by the time you leave. But you value preserving your legacy and memories through photos. I promise that you can handle twenty minutes. And your honey can handle twenty minutes. And twenty minutes of good attention span is probably all you’re going to get with kiddos under 8 anyway! Twenty minutes compared to an hour – easy peasy, you’ve got this!

3. They happen 3 times a year! It’s amazing how much changes in just a couple of months! For those with little families or you who love to keep a legacy of your love and life, try doing two mini sessions a year instead of one full one! You’ll get to divide your investment to cover more time and have even more memories to cherish!

4. It’s gone before you even notice. Trust me, 20 minutes flies by. You won’t even have a chance to check your watch because 20 minutes will feel like five minutes. You’ll be so caught up in loving on those special to you as I lead you through poses and tell you exactly what to do that we’ll be saying “WHOO! I think we got everything we need” before you know it! (But then you get the fun part of waiting for your gallery to see all the beauty we captured together!)

5. It’s a great deal! I believe that all my sessions are worth the investment (I wouldn’t offer them if they weren’t!). These days, $115 for beautiful family photos you’ll hang in your house and treasure is definitely reasonable!  You get beautiful photos to cherish for years and years to come at the best deal I’ll ever offer! I mean, what a dream!

We are now booking Fall 2017 Mini Sessions! These usually go quick so hop on over here to claim your spot!