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Imagery for the elegant couple

I met Andrew, Bethan, Harper, and 10-day-old Adelyn on the most beautiful October Day. Adelyn snuggled into her mom, sleeping the entire session, as sweet Harper twirled with her Daddy. Moana drifted towards the little group as we all laughed at the first hints of fall evidenced by leaves slowly looping down towards us.

Her little hand holding onto Andrew’s finger, Harper spun under her Daddy as he laughed down at her, delighting in his daughter. Bethany sat in the shade, cuddling a sleeping and ever so content Adelyn as she watched the two under the branches. How sweet it is to have a husband who loves his girls.

The sun dipped down behind the historic barn while Andrew and Bethany slowly walked hand in hand as I snapped away. They paused and Bethany snuggled against Andrew, closing her eyes, she rested against the man who loves her so well.

This session was so special to me. In a season that is brimming with engagements and seniors and weddings, we snuck a family session in. And sweet friends, I’m so glad we did. The Darragh family reminded me to slow down, to love on my people, and to encourage and support beyond anything.