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Introducing the Contentment Chronicles

Earlier this fall, I started experiencing a restlessness that something was off. It was uncomfortable and nagging, but also happens often. I brushed it off as stress manifesting in a new way and kept going about my hustle. Fall as a wedding photographer is no joke. And so it made sense that stress and exhaustion would make me feel a little off.

But that same nagging feeling kept coming back, especially when I was journaling. Truth be told, this is the only time I consistently made for myself this fall so it makes sense that it is the only time I pay mind to try to understanding this weird, nagging feeling.

The more I journaled, the more I realized that despite reaching and surpassing so many goals, being surrounded by pretty things, something was off. I had all the things, but I was not content.

Being the obsessive researcher that I am, I began an investigating of the ever illusive ‘contentment’. Here are some things I’m learning:

  1. Pretty things do not make me content. Actually, it’s usually quite the reverse. The more pretty things I have, the more I have to take care of and find places for. While I long for clean counters and an uncluttered home, I also have a thing for throw pillows and cozy blankets. When I think about my home, I want it to be a place brimming with grace and acceptance and I want it to spark beautiful community through real conversation. Self consciously, I translate this to adding in all the cozy touches so people feel welcomed. Throw pillows, blankets, rugs, lamps upon lamps: I’ve got them. But all these cozy touches overwhelm me. It turns out the saying was right: “too much of a good thing is a bad thing.”
  2. Deals, sales, and thrifted finds are my weakness. I grew up rummaging through thrift stores and celebrating killer finds on sale racks. And 15 years later, I still find myself drawn back to the thrill of finding something for an amazing price. But all these amazing finds, they’re just things. And things have to have a place and have to be taken care of, something that takes both time and energy
  3. Minimalism is incredibly interesting to me. Back in the summer, my friend, Jess, introduced me to the world of ‘Practical Minimalism’. I was hooked. Over the past year, my wardrobe and home have slowly taken steps towards this minimalism idea; but I still have quite a long way to go. Confession: the closet in my office is literally overflowing with things I have removed from my home and closet but continue to hoard just in case I need them someday.

These realizations are all good and well, but just being aware of them won’t move me any closer to the goal: contentment. So I’m going public; and yes, this means you are more than welcome to hold me accountable for what I share. For the next season, however long it may be, I’m going to check in monthly with specific ways I’m pursuing contentment. For the sake of a name, we’ll call these the ‘Contentment Chronicles’.

Tomorrow, I’ll kick off with sharing a few ways I am attempting to introduce more contentment into my life For December. I promise it won’t be mind blowing, revolutionary, or all that complicated. But when I go public with my goals, things begin to shift.

So here’s to more contentment and fullness, one month at a time!

With joy, 


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