For the Elegant Bride


Kayla and Tim | Museum of Art Engagement Love Stories Kayla and Tim. Where do I even begin. They’re kind. They’re generous. One of their recent dates involved ballroom dancing, if that isn’t the coolest thing ever! Kayla laughs so easily. And Tim hold... READ MORE Kathryn and David | Raleigh Farm Engagement Love Stories I dare you to try and find a couple sweeter than Kathryn and David. There's nothing this man won't do for his soon-to-be-bride, and after getting to spend so much time with these two, I completely see... READ MORE Sarah & Cole | Merritt’s Pasture Anniversary Session Love Stories With Ben Rector singing in the background, Cole took Sarah's hand as they danced in the field that had seen them dance time and time again. This was the pasture where Sarah fell for Cole, curled up on... READ MORE Shannon and Graham | Historic Post Office Wedding Wedding They stood on the steps. The columns of the old Historic Post Office reaching up behind them. Their closest friends grouped around them. Green. Navy Blue. Tears. Wild whoops. These two were now husban... READ MORE 5 Reasons To Book A Mini Session Family We'll keep this short and sweet just like a mini session! If you aren't sure what a mini session is, hop on over here to learn what the fuss is all about! 1. Mini's are all about quality over q... READ MORE Hannah B. | Raleigh Portrait Session Portrait As the sun dipped behind the trees lining the NC Art Museum’s property and our session came to a close, I turned to Hannah and asked her a question that probably won’t seem all that remarkable. I aske... READ MORE Kelly and Kyle || Blue Ridge Mountain Engagement Love Stories He took her hand, leading her alongside the mountaintop. They wove through yellow wildflowers and the sweet smell of fall drifted around them. In three months, to the day, he was going to make her his... READ MORE