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Judy & Victor | Engagement Session Styling

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Session Details:

  • Location: Pharasalia, 2333 Pharasalia Road, Tyro, VA 22976
  • Location Fee: $75/Hour, check or cash (I anticipate us shooting for around 90 minutes)
  • Start Time: 4:30pm
  • Adelyn’s phone number: (919) 521-1721

Inspiration from wedding design: 

  • Organic, floral, textured


  • Two outfits – one casual and one elevated-semi-casual
  • Judy’s personal style: casual & classic, warm and neutral colors, slightly oversized, petite frame, no bodycon or floor length
  • Victor’s personal style: casual and no frills, blues, greens, and solid colors

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Next Steps: 

For each look, narrow down what you’re drawn to. And if you’d like more advice on the final piece or outfit pairing, or accessory selection, please let me know! I’m here to help and am so looking forward to our time together!


Styling for the white shirt dress

I’ve had a very similar shirt dress on my wish-list for well over a year now. The only hangup – it was made by a company in France that only ships in France. So when this version by Mango popped up, I was so excited. It’s classic and the movement is going to be beautiful. I put together three different variations for you based on tones – a pale tan, chestnut, and black. Because the sleeves are structured and lovely, I wouldn’t suggest wearing a sweater over the shoulders. But there’s a chance it could be chilly, so you can always pair a long coat with it if you’d like! You’ll see my coat color suggestions below in each look. For your shoes, I’d suggest a shorter, more casual heel, or boots (tall or short). And for your accessories, I’d wear gold earrings (hoops or simple studs would be lovely, but I’d avoid anything with fancier stones or pearls) and layer some gold necklaces! The v-neck is lovely and mimicking that shape with your necklaces would be a great extra touch!

Note; in the links for the black belt, it would not let me choose the correct image. So the belt is the photo that says H&M even thought it’s from & Other Stories! Oh the glorious mess that tech can be at times!

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Shoes, shoes, shoes

I could happily fall down a shoe rabbit hole any day. Here are a few (I joke…so maybe there are more than a few) pairs that I think would look lovely with the shirt dress. Some things to think about – sandals will inherently look more summery which will feel a bit off when paired with Victor’s outfit. So you’ll see that the sandals I did include are either darker in color, include a more wintery material like velvet, or are a little more substantial. An espadrille will fit beautifully with the style of the dress and you’ll see a pair of below that would be beautiful and feel seasonally appropriate. And then a slingback, mule, or kitten heel would also pair well. The more minimal and slightly more casual shape of all three of those is excellent with the shirtdress! I especially love the .

When choosing a belt color, if your shoe is mid-tone (olive, chestnut, blue, or blush) then also go with a medium brown belt. If your shoe is black or has a black toe cap, then wear a black belt. And if it’s lighter (gold, cream, or tan) then you can do either a lighter tan belt or a medium brown belt.

And then lastly, when selecting accessories, you’ll want to match the dressy level of your shoes. If you wear a more luxe material (velvet), color (copper/gold), or shape (like the pointed-toe black slingbacks) you’ll also want to wear a bit more elevated jewelry. Instead of gold hoops, a stud or small drop that features pears and/or stones would be perfect. This part can be a bit confusing so let me know if you’d like any guidance!

View the Pieces, Blue Velvet Heels