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Imagery for the elegant couple

Saturday’s classic Benjamin May-Lewis House wedding could not have been a more exciting, elegant end to our wedding season. With the help of designer Billie Lynn Thompson, the historic barn was transformed into garden dream complete with silver chiavari chair, edison bulbs draped along alcoves, and chandeliers hanging from the rafters. It was stunning. And we could not have imagined a sweeter couple to say “I do” amidst such beauty.

Kayla and Jarrett first wrecked my heart during their engagement session in June. As the sun sent rays across the wheat field, Jarrett pulled Kayla close and prayed blessings, hopes, and promises over their coming marriage. On Saturday, these promises and hopes because a reality.

Kayla & Jarrett, what an honor it has been to walk alongside you through this season. Kayla, beautiful Kayla, every single one of the toasts during your reception mentioned this and it goes without saying: you are loyal, driven, and fiercely loving. You love so deeply and that is going to be a lifetime of blessing to Jarrett. And Jarrett, your calm and steady heart is beautiful alongside Kayla. You are going to bring her such sweet rest as her anchor. Seth and I are so grateful to be a part of your lives and to capture this incredible season. We cannot wait to see the joy you two experience in the years ahead.