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Kayla & Jarrett | Historic Farm Engagement

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July 12, 2018

The sky creeps pink, dappled with blue and the most glorious gold. Crawling shadows claim the classic southern farmhouse at this evening’s farm engagement session. The wheat field on the back of the property is gloriously illuminated as Jarrett pulls Kayla close. She closes her eyes as she rests against the man who feels so safe, a belonging they have fought so hard for. As Jarrett begins whispering prayers for their marriage, prayers of hope and anticipation, the goodness of it all overwhelms; But Kayla has no need to hold back the sweet tears that tumble across her cheeks because she is home. And she is safe. And there is no need to hide here.

Engagement sessions are not always about gorgeous light and giggles in every frame. They are meant to be raw, to freeze the only time in your life you’ll look across the table at your honey and call him your fiancé.

For Kayla and Jarrett, unabashed emotion was a natural reaction during our time together because these two have fought hard to be in the place where they are today. There is a depth to their love that makes it only natural to be overwhelmed with the promises they are preparing to make at their wedding in December. This is what sessions are all about. They are about people, about your love. It is a time to stop and remember what all the planning is for and to remind your sweet honey why you chose them. Just like this beautiful evening with Kayla and Jarrett, we will spend your entire session getting to a point where the walls are down and your joy and anticipation and emotion gives breath in every image.

These are the moments that mean the most 5, 10, 50 years in the future. And these are the moments that take my breath as I witness such great adoration.

Kayla, beautiful Kayla, I adore your tender heart. You feel so deep and you love so big. Jarrett is blessed to have found a future wife just like you. You are tender but so strong, beautiful but so approachable, quick to give and encourage; and Kayla, you just radiate Jesus.

And Jarrett, I am convinced there is nothing you would stop at to take care of your beautiful Kayla. You chase unconditional love so hard. There is a tenacity mixed with a gentle love that is so rare to see in someone as young as you are. It is something I see in my own grandfather. Kayla is so lucky to have you by her side as you two walk through life.

I admire you both so much. I love your story and look forward to hearing even more about the battles you have fought, the joy you have chosen, and the promises you choose every day. You two are something special.

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