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Imagery for the elegant couple

He took her hand, leading her alongside the mountaintop. They wove through yellow wildflowers and the sweet smell of fall drifted around them. In three months, to the day, he was going to make her his wife. She was his bride, his world. Placing his hand on her back, he drew her close. Leaning down, he brushed her hair from her face and whispered why he wanted to marry her.

Eyes close, she snuggled against her man. He was her safe place, her protector. And in 3 months, he would be her husband. How sweet it was to rest against him, breathing in the air thousands of feet above sea level. Ben Howard floated between wildflowers from the little bluetooth speaker hidden in clump of golden grass. Hands clasped above, she twirled and danced. How sweet it is to laugh with the man who is her everything.

How sweet it is to laugh with the man who is her everything. 

In world where beauty and praised and service is expected, Kelly and Kyle notice and celebrate the sweet moments and the small things. And I think their lives are more full because of it. As we began walking down the mountain, feet crunching newly fallen leaves, Kelly began to encourage me as Kyle nodded his agreement alongside her. This blew me away. I love what I do but I don’t do it for the recognition because I simply love to serve my couples. But Kelly and Kyle weren’t worried about that. They took time to bless me with their words because that’s just who they are.

These two have hearts overflowing with love and joy and humility. They have a relationship brimming with beauty. It was their engagement shoot. They were the reason we were there twirling to Jack Johnson under the reach of old oaks. But they took time to bring me into the moment, to share their experience with me, and bless me beyond anything I expected. With tears beginning to fill my eyes, overwhelmed with the beauty and grace of this couple, we continued down the mountain.

Kelly and Kyle, thank you for letting me experience and be blessed by the incredible love you two share. From the moment we met, your infectious laughter and overwhelming joy pulled me in and never let go. And then we hiked up to a mountain ridge brimming with wildflowers and it was epic. With hikers and tourists looking on, you two snuggled close and reminded each other of the reasons you chose the other. I didn’t think it could get any better. And then we found another mountain top! As sky streaked with pink, we ended our evening with snuggles and celebration because in three months, you will be husband and wife! And I cannot wait for that day. I love you both to the mountain ridge. And back.