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Madi | Historic Oak View Bridal Portraits


April 23, 2018

Keeping bridal portraits to myself before a wedding day never fails to be the hardest test, especially when your bride is as beautiful as Madi. But the day is here and I am so excited to share these gorgeous, sun-dripping bridal portraits with you! Madi married her honey this past weekend on the most glorious April afternoon, and oh my lanta! I am so looking forward to sharing more with you from Madi and Luke’s wedding day. It has already gone down in the AB Photo Hall of Fame as one of my favorite weddings and I just know you all will swoon over all the carefully chosen details, the beautiful rolling hills just minutes outside of downtown Raleigh, and the emotion filled moments.

But first, is Madi not the most beautiful bride! We met up on a chilly, light-filled March evening with Historic Oak View all to ourselves. Swinging her legs out of her Prius in an explosion of wedding dress white, Madi laughed. It was all sinking in. This is why bridals are so special. It’s the first time you’re in your dress, makeup and hair done just like they will be for your wedding. We tuck your veil in as you slip on your shoes. Every carefully chosen detail is finally yours to wear. And it all feels so real. You are a bride. In just a couple of weeks, you’ll walk down the aisle to the man who is anxiously waiting to claim you as his wife. It’s so surreal to pause and breathe that moment in as you stand in your wedding dress.

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