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Renee & Tanveer | Wedding Weekend Photography Proposal | August 20th & 21st, 2021

Hi Renee & Tanveer!

Firstly, congratulations on your engagement! It is wonderful to 'meet' you, and I look forward to getting to know you better! Let me introduce myself - I'm Adelyn: wife to my sweet Seth, photographer, traveler, and animal mom to a Great Pyrenees who identifies as a lap dog. And I am so grateful you are here, learning about my business and this once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is my joy to share it with you! But enough about me, let's talk about your wedding!

Kerri has shared just a bit about you two and your vision, and it sounds wonderful! I grew up in Charlottesville myself and spent so much time in Richmond. It has such a special place in my heart. When it comes to your wedding day, I want to help you two feel like guests at your celebration. I'll work closely with Kerri to plan for a wedding weekend that aligns with your vision - something we'll discuss more soon! During the planning process, I want to get to know the two of you so that I truly do get to photograph your day as a trusted friend. This helps you feel relaxed and comfortable, and also lets me capture your weekend tailored to what you value. I so look forward to getting to know you both and talking more about your wedding vision!

Style & Approach

My photography style is romantic, elegant, and centered around the story of relationship. I approach every wedding day as an artist commissioned to create a work so stunning you’ll love it for your entire life, and the generations behind you will continue to treasure what we create. I believe that romance is best captured when it naturally happens, and the greatest gift I can give my couples is images that remind them exactly how their day felt.

Your photographs will be luminous and authentic, because you deserve magazine worthy images that feel just like you. When you are in front of my camera, I'll invite you to relax and focus on each other as I walk you through every step of the process. It is of the utmost importance to me that you feel like a guest at your own wedding. I want you to have fun, to experience the wild joy surrounding you, and to have heirloom quality images that show this. What we create together will be breathtaking, raw, and hold lasting meaning.

A little love note

Because it is important to me to truly connect with each and every one of my couples, and I want the very best for you and your wedding, I am selective with the weddings I accept. You will spend more time with your wedding photographer than anyone else on your wedding day which is why I invest so much time in making sure I photograph it as a friend whom you trust and enjoy. I limit my weddings to 12 a year so that when it comes to your wedding day, you know you have my full attention, time, and energy. I will only be booking 2 more for 2021 and 8 more for 2022.

My approach to wedding coverage is simple, unique, and based on the desire for you to have a relaxed wedding day filled with joy & celebration; and for me and my team to have the ability to capture your day in a way that reminds you exactly how it felt. This is why we build a custom package together – so that you are able to select and invest in exactly what is important to you. It is so special to be given a front row seat to one of the most important days of your life. And I’m so honored to be there to capture the all the things that make this day so significant – the moment you slip on your dress and look in the mirror for the first time, the look on your groom’s face when he finally sees his bride, the joy and celebration with your friends and family, your loved one’s expressions as you walk down the aisle, and your beautiful love and emotions through portraits.



In order to maintain the highest standards for each and every one of my clients, I limit the amount of weddings to twelve per year.


During peak season, turn around time will be no more than 8 weeks for a wedding gallery. During off season, our current average is about 4 weeks after a wedding. For engagement, bridals, and boudoir, the time is 3 weeks.


As a hybrid photographer, I shoot with a mixture of film and digital. Film is beautiful, timeless, and captures the stunning light, details, and elegance of your love story. But there are moments where digital shines and film falls short. On your wedding day, I will choose my medium based on what will most beautifully bring your day to life. Any digital images shot are edited to seamlessly flow with my film images.


There will be no travel fee assessed for your wedding. We'd rather you spend the fee on beautiful products such as our handmade albums!


You can expect 60-75 images/hour of coverage. With the desire to provide you a breathtaking gallery that reminds you exactly how your wedding day felt, I will omit images that you may be blinking in, duplicates, or those that do not contribute to your story. I do not offer extensive photoshop work because I believe that authentic is beautiful.


Your collection is 100% customizable to your specific needs, but I do offer a few pre-selected collections that are popular with most of my clients. Keep scrolling to see these collections! And always let me know if there is anything you would like to adjust!


Excellent - truly! I prefer to work with people who are maybe a little nervous and enjoy direction. Being in front of the camera is a wildly vulnerable thing. All I ask is that you trust me, and I'll walk you through every step of the process. I fully believe that it is my job as an artist to create an environment where you can relax and focus on each other, and also to direct in a way that is breathtaking and honest to who you are as a couple. When we hop on a call, I can explain a bit more about this process; but for now, know that I so treasure the chance to show you how I see you. And I value your willingness to let me photograph you!


Studio policy requires a signed contract and 30% retainer in order to reserve a date. The remaining payment is due 4 weeks before your wedding date. But more details on this and next steps below...


Tailored to your wedding vision

Build a custom package by choosing from the a la carte menu, or select one of the pre-designed packages below. All a la carte items can also be added to a pre-designed package.

A little something special

Because you are working with one of my preferred planners, it would be my joy to gift you a complementary hour of photography coverage for your wedding day! For all of the popular packages below, an hour will be added as our gift to you and will be reflected in the proposal and contract! Thanks for choosing such a wonderful planner!

Question: how much time do we need?

When deciding how much time you would like in your coverage, the very most important thing to think about is how do you want your day to feel. Some people love a very fast paced day where we fit a lot into a smaller amount of hours. And other much prefer a more relaxed pace where we have a bit more room to deal with anything unexpected the day may bring, moments to slip away for a minute or two, and more portrait time. A second thing to consider would be how late you would like for me and my team to stay. If you would like your exit captured, then you'll usually need about 90-120 extra minutes of time (this of course also depends on how long you plan to dance and celebrate). If you would like for both getting ready captured as well as the exit, we recommend at least 10-11 hours and sometimes our couples need more depending on their reception plans. If you do not want your exit captured, it is much more possible to do 8-9 hours of coverage! If you're still not quite sure what is a good fit for you, let me know and I can go ahead and put together an example timeline for your day!




Besides finding each other, hiring Adelyn as our photographer was the best decision my husband and I made for our wedding. I say that not just because we have incredible photos to cherish, but because she helped create a joyous day for our wedding party, family, and us. It truly is a blur like they say, and Adelyn brought the day back into focus for me. Artistic, personal, perfect.



If you're looking for an \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"experience\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" rather than a transaction, Adelyn is your photographer every time.



Adelyn didn’t just capture that beauty... she added to it. She poured love and joy into every moment, truly enhancing our day just by being there! Adelyn managed to capture every little moment from a variety of places... yet somehow was never in the way, and seemed invisible during the ceremony. Not only did she capture every little detail... but she also captured the feeling and tone of the day. She served my family with a sweet smile and amazing joy.



The moments she captured were pure and authentic; we feel like she so accurately understood who we were and somehow managed to capture that.



She truly captured the realness of that day. The nerves, the excitement, the laughter the friendship. It all came through in her pictures. And what more could a bride ask for? That's exactly what you want. You want to be able to look through your pictures and feel all of those emotions that you felt on your big day.


Corinne & Thomas

You truly are a gift and your work is something we will treasure forever. From the very beginning, you made Thomas and I feel so loved and cared for. Your incredible photography talent pales in comparison to the quality of your character. While your work truly is AMAZING and something that belongs in magazines and books, your kindness, generosity, love and JOY just made all the wedding day that much better.




The engagement season is full – full of goodness and growth, full of planning, and full of celebrating. I know how exciting & overwhelming it can be because I was just in your shoes, planning a wedding myself. To best serve you in this season, I wanted to start our conversation with this guide - something to give you just a taste and peek into my process and approach, and this experience. And this is just the starting point! I would love to schedule a video call to dive even deeper into the experience and to answer any questions you may have! It is my desire for you to feel cared for and known during this experience. And I’m so honored to walk alongside you in the months to come! If you're interested in a video call, simply click the link below to choose a date and time that is best for you!