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Sarah & Cole | Merritt’s Pasture Anniversary Session

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February 16, 2018

With Ben Rector singing in the background, Cole took Sarah’s hand as they danced in the field that had seen them dance time and time again. This was the pasture where Sarah fell for Cole, curled up on a picnic blanket, just the two of them. This was the pasture Cole knew he wanted Sarah to be his wife, to share his life, and where he chose to choose her over and over again.

I followed them up the hill they had walked countless times. They pointed out paths and laughed at precious old memories. Sarah followed Cole as he lead her to the bench they had spent hours talking on, all the moments of getting to know each other to the days leading to their wedding flooding back. Pulling her close, Cole brushed Sarah’s cheek as her whispered, so sweetly reminder her why he chose her and why he will always choose her. Because their love is a forever type of love.

Sarah and Cole, I just adore you two. Thank you for sharing such a special place with me, for inviting me to be a part of your story. I’m so filled with joy just to know you both.


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