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Villanueva | Family & Newborn Session


February 3, 2018

Perry Ann bursts into a helpless giggle – the sort of laugh belonging only to a two-year-old. Over and over again, Chris throws her up in the air. Behind him stands Erica, eyes following her precious first daughter as she cuddles her family’s newest addition: 7-day-old Olivia Mae. How sweet these moments are. Chris leans back into Erica, helplessly grinning, surrounded by his 3 beautiful girls. Glancing down at, he catches her eyes. This is their family, their happy place. What a life they have built.

I met up with the Villanueva family on the most beautiful sixty degree February day. While Perry Ann snoozed in her newly upgraded toddler bed, I snuggled newborn, Olivia Mae, breathing in that sweet newborn smell. Someday, she’s going to curl up in her Dad’s lap, laughing as the flip through photo albums, remembering how small she was. Later in the afternoon, we met up at the beautiful Historic Oak View Park. Sun dipping behind bare oaks, we laughed, we snuggled, and we froze these precious memories.

Chris and Erica, thank you for letting me capture these moments. It is so clear how deeply you value your family and it was my utmost joy to play a role in building this legacy. Your girls are simply amazing. And your love for them and each other is the sweetest sort of steadfast love. You all are so special to me.