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Sheetal Raval & Ravi Dadhania

Hello Sheetal & Ravi,

Congratulations on your engagement and welcome to this sweet, fleeting engagement season! I'm so looking forward to getting to know you both better, and I'm excited to further explore your wedding photography with you! My heart behind this proposal and all the info it holds is that it is a starting point for us to uncover how your story is captured in an honest, meaningful, and beautiful way. This season - and even the idea of how your wedding day is captured and how you experience it, can be as overwhelming as it is exciting and wonderful. And it is my heart for you to feel understood and cared for throughout the process. This guide will start our conversation and help walk you through some of the specifics of the unique experience I offer to my couples. If it resonates with you, then I'd love to hop on a phone or video call for us to get to know each other better and begin delving into who you are and how you are hoping to experience your wedding day and have it captured. I look forward to getting to know you both!

Style & Approach

My photography style is romantic, poetic, and centered around stories. I approach every wedding day as an artist commissioned to create a work so stunning you’ll love it for your entire life, and the generations behind you will continue to treasure what we create. I believe that romance is best captured when it naturally happens, and the greatest gift I can give my couples is images that remind them exactly how their day felt. We strategically plan you day so that it reflects who you are and allows you to enjoy it to the fullest.

Your photographs will be luminous and authentic, because you deserve magazine worthy images that feel just like you. When you are in front of my camera, I'll invite you to relax and focus on each other as I walk you through every step of the process. I do not expect you to know what to do. All I ask is that you trust me and embrace the joy that is this season. It is of the utmost importance to me that you feel like a guest at your own wedding. I want you to have fun, to experience the wild joy surrounding you, and to have heirloom quality images that show this. I have a strong emphasis on documenting your day with candids and unposed moments. What we create together will be breathtaking, gentle, honest, and hold lasting meaning.


Fashion and architecture inform a lot of my work, but it is my subjects themselves that inspire me. Is there anything more interesting than two people with years of experiences behind them and so much hope for the years to come as husband and wife? My brides and grooms are so interesting. They’re brilliant and kind and generous. And trying to capture that in a series of images truly is the most inspiring thing to me as an artist.


How I got my start

I’ve been experiencing the world through my camera for over half my life now, which is a little wild. In middle school, I was poking around our attic and found an old film camera that belonged to Dad. There were a couple of rolls of expired black and white film in the camera bag and he showed me how to load it and read the internal meter. And I ran with it. I still use that camera model today, actually. It is very dear to me.

And then I just never stopped shooting. It’s always been an escape, a pastime, a way to interact with the world, and also a way to explore beauty and stories. Early on I was very drawn to photojournalism – especially in the Middle East. Steve McCurry has been a huge influence on me since early high school. The way he creates images and photographs people and locations is astonishing. I’ll never forget reading about his approach which is very simple and can be summed up in a single word: wait. Wait for the photograph. Wait for them to become comfortable and show themselves to you. Wait and you will see them. And that truly has informed a lot of my work to this day. (Cont. below)


I’m a very curious person and have always been interested in people. From a young age, I would spend an afternoon on the downtown mall in Charlottesville, VA -where I grew up. And I would ask strangers about themselves, their days; and then I would photograph them on black and white film. It’s always been about stories for me. And I like the challenge of seeing what is revealed in a photograph.

Weddings allow me to explore that over and over again. They’re exciting and overwhelming. Emotions run high. People tend to be very honest and open with their feelings. And it is really thrilling to photograph. I love seeing what dynamics I can capture, and a wedding day is truly never boring. If anything, the greatest challenge is in the fact that there truly is so much I could focus on and photograph. I also really appreciate the trust that I build with my clients. It is a really special thing to show someone how you see them. And it is a very vulnerable thing to be photographed. So, I wait, and I do my best to create an atmosphere that they feel comfortable showing themselves to me. And I try to capture that weekend after weekend. It truly is such a joy and honor to do what I do.

A little love note

Because it is important to me to truly connect with each and every one of my couples, and I want the very best for you and your wedding, I am selective with the weddings I accept. You will spend more time with your wedding photographer than anyone else on your wedding day which is why I invest so much time in making sure I photograph it as a friend whom you trust and enjoy. I limit my weddings to 8 a year so that when it comes to your wedding day, you know you have my full attention, time, and energy. I will only be booking 2 more for the Fall season in 2023.

Throughout my years of photographing weddings, I’ve never photographed the same day twice. Every event is unique. This is why we build a custom package together – so that you are able to select and invest in exactly what is important to you. My couples often remark on my eye for detail and ability to know exactly when and where I need to be to capture the moments that mean the most. This comes from years of experience as well as a purposeful planning approach alongside my brides and their vendor teams. From our very first conversation, I begin learning what is important to you, what brings you the most joy, what perhaps you’re feeling nervous about, the people you are most excited to see, the moments you are anticipating. Throughout the months leading up to your day, I work very closely with your vendor team so that when the day arrives, my team and I can effortlessly photograph your wedding day to create a collection of images that tell your story in a beautiful and meaningful way. It means the world to me to get to know my couples and work so closely on such an important day. And it’s very exciting to begin that process with you as we dive into building your custom collection.



In order to maintain the highest standards for each and every one of my clients, I limit the amount of weddings to eight per year.


During peak season, turn around time will be no more than 8 weeks for a wedding gallery. During off season, our current average is about 4 weeks after a wedding. For engagement, bridals, and boudoir, the time is 3 weeks.


As a hybrid photographer, I shoot with a mixture of film and digital. Film is beautiful, timeless, and captures the stunning light, details, and elegance of your love story. But there are moments where digital shines and film falls short. On your wedding day, I will choose my medium based on what will most beautifully bring your day to life. Any digital images shot are edited to seamlessly flow with my film images.


Perfect, then you're my favorite kind of couple to work with. Being photographed is intimidating to nearly everyone. I truly believe that it is my job to create an environment where you can relax and simply enjoy each other. I will direct you in a way that allows you to feel your most beautiful while creating emotional, raw images. I've spent years honing my directing skills, and helping you feel comfortable and look incredible is truly one of my favorite parts of your day.


There will be no travel fee assessed for your wedding. We'd rather you spend the fee on beautiful products such as our handmade albums!


You can expect 60 images/hour of coverage. With the desire to provide you a breathtaking gallery that reminds you exactly how your wedding day felt, I will omit images that you may be blinking in, duplicates, or those that do not contribute to your story. I do not offer extensive photoshop work because I believe that authentic is beautiful.


Studio policy requires a signed contract and 30% retainer in order to reserve a date. The remaining payment is split into two payments. But more details on this and next steps below...


Tailored to your wedding vision

Build a custom package by choosing from the a la carte menu, or view your pre-designed packages below. All a la carte items can also be added to a pre-designed package. These can be added at any time during the planning process, but are subject pricing adjustments in the future.

Question: how much time do we need?

When deciding how much time you would like in your coverage, the very most important thing to think about is how do you want your day to feel. Some people love a very fast paced day where we fit a lot into a smaller amount of hours. And other much prefer a more relaxed pace where we have a bit more room to deal with anything unexpected the day may bring, moments to slip away for a minute or two, and more portrait time. A second thing to consider would be how late you would like for me and my team to stay. If you would like your exit captured, then you'll usually need about 90-120 extra minutes of time (this of course also depends on how long you plan to dance and celebrate). If you would like for both getting ready captured as well as the exit, we recommend at least 10-11 hours and sometimes our couples need more depending on their reception plans. If you do not want your exit captured, it is much more possible to do 8-9 hours of coverage! If you're still not quite sure what is a good fit for you, let me know and I can go ahead and put together an example timeline for your day!

Additional Galleries



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For the bride and groom who want to remember how their wedding day felt for the rest of their lives



This is the first and most crucial step in my process of photographing your day in an honest and breathtaking way. We've already had our first call and I left our time together with so many notes about your love story, wedding vision, and the things that are important to you when it comes to your wedding day and photography. We will continue to add to these notes throughout the planning process so that your wedding photography is reflective of the two of you through and through. If you would like a follow up call to walk through the information on this page together and/or ask a few more questions, I would be delighted. Simply click the button at the bottom of this page to schedule your call!



Because I limit the weddings I take to eight a year, it is always so special to welcome a new couple and to fully dive into the planning process. I truly am so honored to serve you in this season. Let me know you are ready to move forward and any additional a la carte items you would like to include via email and I will prepare your contract. Once I have a signed contract and 30% retainer, your wedding date will be secured – officially and exclusively yours!



A relaxed, meaningful, and beautiful wedding day is made possible with a great team. If you are looking for additional creative vendors such as a planner and designer, stylist, gown designer, videographer, cake designer, hair and makeup artist, florist, and stationery artist, please let me know. I have had the joy of working with some of the very best and would be happy to share recommendations that align with your wedding day vision.



Your engagement session is something I look forward to from the moment you reserve your date. We will start by going over your vision for your engagement session - how you would like it to feel and things you may want to include or feature. This is often informed by both our initial conversation as well as your wedding design so that your images flow seamlessly. I will put together a mood board that includes 1-2 location suggestions as well as styling for your session.



Being photographed is incredibly vulnerable and can be intimidating for anyone. I have a tested approach that results in effortlessly elegant images that feel like you. I want our time together to feel relaxed and for us to practice what it will be like for your wedding day, so we'll take our time and enjoy the process. And the result will be breathtaking.



One of the best ways I am able to ensure my team and I capture and honor your wedding day vision and protect the things that are important to you is by working alongside your planner to design your wedding day timeline. Every wedding is intentionally designed and prepared for alongside your planner so that my team and I can graciously take charge and capture the moments that mean the most.



Just like we did for your engagement session, we will talk through how you would like these images to feel and I will provide styling and location guidance before our time together. And then, when you are in front of my camera, I will walk you through every step of the process so that you can relax and enjoy feeling like a bride while we create something truly breathtaking together.



We know how busy our brides and grooms are, so we work closely with your planner during the final months leading up to your wedding so that you can enjoy this season fully knowing every element of your day is being planned and prepared for. We do have a short questionnaire for you that will allow us to gather important information such as your family photo list. My team and I will also be meeting to walk through every single aspect of your day so that my artistry can flourish and we can create the most meaningful and beautiful collection of images possible.



This is the day you and your fiancé become husband and wife. And we are truly so honored to spend the day creating and capturing imagery that is filled with meaning and emotion - imagery to stand the test of time. It is one of the greatest joys to work alongside your vendor team to allow you to feel like a guest at your own wedding as you celebrate with the people that mean the most, and we capture the sacred, the candid, and the beautiful.



I am thrilled for you to relive your wedding day for years to come as you view your final gallery. To make this all the more special, I always suggest waiting to look through your images together, maybe with a sentimental record playing, a glass of wine, and a box of tissues on hand. After you've viewed your gallery and selected your favorites, we can begin the design process for your album and print heirlooms that serve as a beautiful reminder of the start of your lives as husband and wife.





Besides finding each other, hiring Adelyn as our photographer was the best decision my husband and I made for our wedding. I say that not just because we have incredible photos to cherish, but because she helped create a joyous day for our wedding party, family, and us. It truly is a blur like they say, and Adelyn brought the day back into focus for me. Artistic, personal, perfect.



Adelyn didn’t just capture that beauty... she added to it. She poured love and joy into every moment, truly enhancing our day just by being there! Adelyn managed to capture every little moment from a variety of places... yet somehow was never in the way, and seemed invisible during the ceremony. Not only did she capture every little detail... but she also captured the feeling and tone of the day. She served my family with a sweet smile and amazing joy.



The moments she captured were pure and authentic; we feel like she so accurately understood who we were and somehow managed to capture that.



She truly captured the realness of that day. The nerves, the excitement, the laughter the friendship. It all came through in her pictures. And what more could a bride ask for? That's exactly what you want. You want to be able to look through your pictures and feel all of those emotions that you felt on your big day.


Corinne & Thomas

You truly are a gift and your work is something we will treasure forever. From the very beginning, you made Thomas and I feel so loved and cared for. Your incredible photography talent pales in comparison to the quality of your character. While your work truly is AMAZING and something that belongs in magazines and books, your kindness, generosity, love and JOY just made all the wedding day that much better.


Madeline & Jemal

Her attention to detail, genuine care, and calming presence are unparalleled. She goes above and beyond to make your day extra special and captures the little moments you don't see yourself. We will cherish these memories forever and we're so glad Adelyn was a part of it all.


Rebecca & Brian

Adelyn is a true artist. She is so in tune with herself, the environment & her clients. I think this provides her the space & freedom to create. She has a way of capturing moments so real, so intimate, while making her clients feel completely at ease during the process. Her passion is inspiring and working with her was an incredible joy! During our wedding, it felt like she wasn't just capturing two people, she wasn't capturing “a shot” or “an image”, but she was truly capturing a moment in time, our story, us.


Dillon & Elise

We truly couldn’t have picked a better person to capture our day, it was never even a question. We will never be able to thank you enough for capturing our version of perfect. Your photos are what will be on our walls, our family's walls, what we show our children, and what we will cherish for a lifetime. You froze our happiness in a perfect photo every time. And you have given us the best gift of all.



Sheetal & Ravi,

I would love to schedule a video call to answer any questions you may have and get to know you. You can click the button below to schedule one, or share your availability via email. I'm thrilled for you both and look forward to meeting!

- Adelyn