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Nathan & Nikki | Wrightsville Manor Wedding


November 29, 2018

Oh friends, we are excited to share this Wrightsville Manor wedding with you today! It’s hard to believe that this wedding marks a full year of amazing #ABBrides and grooms. We could not be more humbled or excited with all this past year has meant to us. In a lot of ways, this wedding was a beautiful celebration of all the joy and beauty we have had the honor of experiencing over the last twelve months. And we couldn’t have picked a more beautiful day to celebrate!

When I first met with Nikki & Nathan, they shared their dream of November wedding with an outdoor ceremony in Wilmington, NC. In the weeks leading up to their wedding, we watched the weather in awe. And when their day arrived, it was 60 degrees, sunny, and a perfect day for an outdoor ceremony.

With the sun peeking between Spanish moss, Nikki stepped around the corner of Wrightsville Manor. A handsome blur through her tears, her sweet Nathan stood, waiting for the moment he could see his bride. Out of all the beautiful moments they had planned for their day, this was the one most anticipated. These were the moments accented with tears and monumentalized with rings. This was it: “Husband & wife”. The celebrations of their closest friends and family carried them down the aisle as Mr. & Mrs. Hooks. Whoops of joy and cheers of excitement wrapped their first kiss and laughs in the most significant of memories and continued through the evening.

Nikki and Nathan, thank you for inviting us into your lives and trusting us to capture this big moment in your lives. From the most beautiful first look we’ve ever seen to the celebration on the dance floor, we loved being a part of it. And you two, it has been the sweetest joy to get to know you both. Nikki, I (Adelyn) still remember sitting at a picnic table in Santa Cruz, California, hearing about Nathan for the first time. When I finally got to meet you, Nathan, you were everything Nikki had described. You two are amazing together and we are so excited for the beauty your future as husband and wife is sure to hold!

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