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Danielle & Aris | Duke Gardens Proposal

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June 8, 2018

Get ready to have your heart just melt away because this, sweet friend, is the most awwwww-inspiring proposal I’ve gotten to be a part of yet! Meet Danielle and Aris:

Danielle: classic southern belle and the sweetest soul you’ve ever met with a proper side of endearing sass

Aris: firefighter and Danielle’s number one fan. Imagine a character who just stepped out of a small town Nicholas Sparks book – that’s Aris for you.

The month was May and North Carolina was not shying away from that pre-summer heat and humidity it’s so well known for. But that didn’t keep Aris from pacing at the beautiful Duke Gardens as he went over every detail just one more time. Danielle thought she was meeting up with me along with Amelia and Haley (or co-collaborators for the greatest proposal, if you may) for a graduation shoot. Little did she know her future-fiance, family, and sisters were hidden back in the gardens. She suspected nothing. With Aris hidden back in one of the gardens, we slowly made our way to the spot I knew he was hiding. As Amelia and Haley slipped off the restroom, Aris snuck up to his future bride, turning her towards him as he dropped on a knee.

With “You Make It Easy” by Jason Aldean drifting through the gardens, Aris explained to Danielle why he chose her, why he loves her, and why he’s so sure he needs her for a lifetime – well that’s what he was planning to say. In the end, they were so caught up in the explosive joy of the moment, neither really quite remembers what was said. But in the end, Aris slipped the most stunning diamond on her finger as their family members surrounded them. With tears, champagne, and a whole lot of laughing – these two began the celebration of their future marriage surrounded by those they love most.

Danielle and Aris, goodness I’m excited for you both. You both mean so much to me and it is so special to have been a part of the best day – that is, until June 8th, 2019 replaces it as the best day ever as you become husband and wife! What a JOY this next year will be as you prepare for a lifetime of promises of goodness and faithfulness and the sweetest love. I just adore you both.

Can’t get enough of these two? Me neither – they’re just that sweet. So head on over to How He Asked to read even more about their love story!

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